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Proudly modern, Abu Dhabi is United Arab Emirate’s capital city. It is well-known for its cultural diversity, making it one of the most visited cities in the world. Regardless of its diminutive size, the United Arab Emirate is presently home tomany fashion bodies and shows. This alone has kept Abu Dhabi in the spotlight. With its globe-trotting collection that cover’s the extensiveness of the world’s artistic achievements, Abu Dhabi is now a popular ground for most fashion shows and events within the United Arab Emirate. The top fashion shows and events in the city of Abu Dhabi aim at making everyone look great and feel good. These events bring together well-established and promising designers from all over the world. They all embrace the aspects of the beauty, fashion, and health markets, as well as lifestyle and image advice, lifestyle and well-being products and services. Over the years, Abu Dhabi has organized and hosted many events. These events gave an opportunity for designers and suppliers from across the globe to meet and develop long term business relationships.

Some of these shows and events include;

The Yas Mall Fashion Week

The first edition of the Yas Mall Fashion week was organized by the department of culture and tourism Abu Dhabi. It was held from the 12th to the 15th October 2016. This event brought a matchless experience to designers, fashionistas, and visitorsfrom around the region and the world.Also, this eventhas givenaspiring designers within the region a unique opportunity to compete and to showcase their fabrics. The Yas Mall fashion week has greatly impacted the world of fashion. It features manycatwalks shows advertising the latest trend. Additionally, it gives everyone a chance to enjoy live demonstrations from professional stylists and special promotions offered by a good number of leading international brands.

Modest Fashion Show

When it comes to fashion, the modest fashion show is another major event in Abu Dhabi. The last edition took place in the biggest retail destination in the city – the Yas Mall. The Yas Mall has hosted numerous fashion events since its creation. Actually, it is the largest mall in Abu Dhabi and it offers an incredible shopping and entertaining experience for everyone. As the name suggests, Modest fashion is a collection of clothing that conceals yet looks trendy. In fashion, modesty is a virtue! This event display clothing that is conservative yet looks elegant and stylish. Here, models walk down the runway in eye-catching and classy outfits from top brands. The Modest Fashion Event was established to promote clothing that focuses completely on the personality of whoever is wearing it. The fashions shows are organized to portray different world cultures. Most importantly, they enable fashion designers and stylist to promote their style, designs, and skills.

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