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Louvre Abu Dhabi is the largest museum in UAE, the art museum comprises of brilliant artworks from across the globe and intends to bridge the gap between the western and eastern art.

Louvre Abu Dhabi is the perfect representation of art, education and culture. The world renowned most admired museum was launched by Abu Dhabi leaders that opened its doors to visitors on November 11, 2017. It is now one of the most visited and among the must-see places in Abu Dhabi.

Louvre Abu Dhabi the museum for art and culture brings the name ‘Louvre’ to the Arab world, thus laying the foundation for cultural collaboration between the east and the west; UAE and France to be particular. The agreement between the two countries was signed on March 6, 2007 and ever since, the cultural relations between these two nations look promising.

The museum collection

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is unique in itself. It does not copy any ideas or themes from its French counterpart. It is a beautiful, distinct, individual institution that portrays the local traditions, at the same time reflects its era.

The compilation is increasing by the day and the visitors to this great museum have only good words to talk about it. The museum is being admired and appreciated from travelers and personalities from across the world and the visitor numbers are significantly increasing by the day.

How is Louvre Abu Dhabi unique?

The museum’s art pieces are organized artistically. While museums generally organize their compilations by materials, school and technique, Louvre Abu Dhabi has distinctly made it a point to highlight the exchanges, influences and know-how. The unique exhibition explores and shows how civilizations and cultures are connected, which otherwise appear to be separated by location and time. There are ancient and modern art works from several countries.

The display at Louvre Abu Dhabi is theme-based and visitors are taken through it chronologically to give them the best museum art experience. Several visitors that visited this wonderful museum say that they were taken aback with the innovativeness and enjoyed traversing through different civilizations. The themes are based on shared experiences, humanity and cultural similarity and clearly show that art and culture know no boundaries.

Museum architect

Jean Nouvel has won a prestigious award for the design and architecture of this marvelous building. This is built on Saadiyat site that feature a lagoon island besides the sea and sand that make up a beautiful picture.

Museum art acquisition

Louvre Abu Dhabi is looking to add more high quality art pieces to its already existing fascinating collection to gain international recognition. The acquisition practices are in accordance with the ethical considerations while their origins are carefully examined. There is a committee that endorses each art piece before it gets into the museum.

Louvre Abu Dhabi truly represents the Abu Dhabi culture; the land was historically known for exchange and the museum is practicing and taking this culture ahead through exchange of art and ideas with other countries. It is also coming up with its own collection for residents of Abu Dhabi and neighboring countries to appreciate and take pride in.

Make this museum visit a priority on your trip to Yas Island Abu Dhabi!

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