A mesmerizing trip to warner bros world abu dhabi

One of the major reasons to visit Yas Island is Warner Bros World. The theme park is drawing crowds from across the globe and is liked by people of all age groups. The grand attraction has everything under one roof. It is the perfect place to spend a great holiday time with your near and dear ones.

The park has 6 immersive lands where you can travel through action and adventure. Covering 1.65 million square ft on Yas Island, which is a popular leisure destination, the theme park brings all famous cartoon characters under its roof for visitors to explore and experience. Superman, Batman, Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, Wonder Woman to Flintstones and more; there are things you will see just as imagined! There are several entertaining activities as well; the distinct live entertainment can keep you engaged throughout your stay at Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi.

The park has wonderful, authentic restaurants for you to relish tasty recipes. The cuisine comes in a wide range and the food extremely delicious. In fact the dining options are so varied and huge that you will feel lost by the time you finalize your choice.

Let’s travel through the mystic lands:

  • Warner Bros Plaza celebrates the Hollywood age. Wander on the streets, appreciate the architecture and eat with your favorite character. Through the Warner Bros plaza you can enter the other exciting and immersive lands.
  • Bedrock is the land for family fun. There are iconic features on this land that give you whole lot of opportunities to get close to your favorite characters.
  • Dynamite Gulch is a desert landscape created to keep you on your toes. There are chaos, exciting escapades, cranky mishaps and virtual antics that make your heart skip a beat.
  • Cartoon Junction is the place where your kids love to spend time. Meet all your favorite cartoon characters on this land. Whether you want to see Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny or Scooby Doo, this is the town to be! There are attractive rides and mysteries at every step!!
  • Gotham City is the land where you will experience dramatic moments packed with a punch of fun. You can find all the characters from Gotham City here.
  • Metropolis is a gleaming land that is set the cosmopolitan way! Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and green Lantern all take you to experience something you wouldn’t have imagined even in your dreams.

Rides and attractions

The rides and attractions in Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi deserve the highest appreciation. They are designed to be highly innovative and packed with adventure and fun. Experience the Teen Titans Training academy, the Flintstones Bedrock River adventure, Fast and Furry-ous, the Jetsons cosmic orbiter or Tom and Jerry Swiss cheese Spin; each ride is exciting to the core!

Shows and Shopping

The branded theme park provides an extraordinary experience. There are 29 exciting rides and distinct recreation to make your holiday memorable. You can also sit back and enjoy several entertaining shows that are truly a delight. Wait! How can you forget shopping? This fully air conditioned park has shopping outlets where you can find goodies, treats and much more that feature your favorite cartoon characters.

Plan your next trip to Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi on Yas Island and get set to meet all your dream cartoon characters. Travel through your childhood once again and enjoy as your memories come alive in the park’s themed lands.

You need to visit Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi to absolutely experience what is described here because the feeling is literally beyond words.

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